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Do you think you've been wrongfully punished and don't wish to publicly appeal? Message a staff member instead! Preferably message Neoblade298, but any staff member will do! If you deserved your punishment, use the section below.

Steps to submitting a punishment appeal:

1. Go to the following link: Click here

2. Click on "New Thread"

3. Name the thread "Punishment Appeal - Your Name"

4. Copy paste the format below and fill it in

Player IGN:

Reason for punishment:

Why should you be pardoned?:

Here is an example appeal:
Player IGN: Matt5067

Reason for punishment: Breaking the rules

Why should you be pardoned?: I made a mistake breaking the rules and I never should've done it. I love this server, I want to come back. I will never make this mistake again, and I will do my best to show the community that I belong here.

5. Click "Post Thread" and be patient. Asking staff to review your appeal will only make the process longer.

1. Whenever possible, don't say you "don't know why you are banned" unless you are truly uncertain (usually due to making an appeal after having been banned a long time). If you don't know why you're banned, I'll assume you have not learned your lesson. How could you have if you don't know why you're being punished?

2. Never say "I'm only admitting to this so I can be unbanned". I don't know how fragile your self-confidence is, but it's not worth saving when you're appealing a punishment. This is the oldest trick in the book, trying to make it seem like you're a victim for a wrongful ban. If you believe you were wrongly banned, you can message Neoblade298 personally. I always deny appeals like these, because I trust my staff fully, and 99% of the time, you were in the wrong, and staff collected plenty of evidence of it before you were banned.
Good Luck and Happy Hunting

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