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Approved Punishment appeal - Blitenier

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Player IGN: Blitenier

Reason for punishment: X-ray

Why should you be pardoned?: At the time, I thought the X-Ray would make things easier but it was a terrible decision and I broke the rules. I apologize for taking the server for granted, breaking the rules that were in place and trying to rush a delicate process. I had a blast enjoying this server with my friends and because of my foolishness, I can't do the amazing quests with them. From the little time that I've experienced the server, I've met some amazing people in the town I joined who were extremely kind and very welcoming to me. I have no excuse and I take full responsibility for what I did and I can assure you that it will NEVER happen again. Thank you for your consideration and I apologize once again.

Posted Sep 1, 18 · OP
Matt5067 AOwner
Your ban has been reduced to 2 days. Please remember if you are caught x-raying again, you will not be unbanned.
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Posted Sep 2, 18