Gelayan, the Magnificent City of Ice. The vibrant hues of blue ice send light shattering across the floors of the ancient homes made lovingly by its Queen. A true royal by all accounts, The Frost Queen is one of the oldest people living in the known world. Her magics played a key role in several events in history, but most notably the creation of her splendid home. But her powers have come at a cost over the years. Not in small part due to her close relationship with the Tilan family, a dark bloodline well known to be traitorous scum, the Queen has become a much more uninviting host. On top of this, the mountains she resides on grows ever darker as corruption seems to plague the air. On the brink of insanity, she has declared war against the King for encroaching upon her borders and threatens to turn all of Constantinople to ice.

Though the King's Army has fought valiantly, they have gradually lost ground against the Queen's fanatical forces, and the Queen's presence lurks ever closer to the massive gates that have remained closed throughout the war. A decisive blow was struck when a fleet led by the late Captain Neo to reinforce the front lines was destroyed at sea by some unknown force. On top of this, the same corruption that has fogged the mind of the Queen has taken its toll on the brave men and women who serve as the front line. Soldiers have come home as shells of their former selves, or succumb to the corruption and desert the army, only to be found serving the Queen days later. The darkness has almost entirely enveloped the mountains and threatens to spread.

As a last ditch effort, the King has opened the gate to the Frozen Wastes, calling for the aid of the increasing number of adventurers who have cleaned up the Low District and the Harvest Fields. It is well known that should this gambit fail, there will be nothing standing between the Queen and Constantinople. The adventurers who bravely make their stand against the overwhelming forces of the mountains are the King's last hope. They are the last of the light.


☩ THREE New Questlines ☩

Victory Keep
Victory Keep was once a bustling trade fort for people between Admiratio, Gelayan, and Constantinople. But before even that, it served a darker purpose. It was a once a fort used in many a war across Argyll, and during a particularly bloody skirmish the Commander is said to have called upon less favorable entities. Stories have been told around numerous campfires of the Evil ever growing in the bowels of Victory Keep, and perhaps plays no small part in the Queen's madness.

Folly of the Wise
An ancient source of knowledge, the Cailiric Archives were one of the hubs of scholars until they inexplicably shut their doors from the outside hundreds of years ago. In recent times, the Mages College has stumbled across a map to the Archive, and a particularly bright student by the name of Simon has taken up the task of uncovering its secrets. But the archive's doors do not open for all, and the secrets left locked away may be best kept that way. The last known leader of the archive, Scholar Dhaga, had an unhealthy obsession with everlasting life, and would have done anything to obtain it. Everything about the archive had remained quiet until recent times, where there is hearsay of some sort of cult.

It is only a matter of time before the Queen and her forces make their way to the gates of Constantinople. The King's Army has made a last ditch effort and has captured some critical strategic points on the mountains and has erected defenses to hold them out as long as possible. Everything rests upon the King's call to the adventurers, and every last soldier knows that should no one answer the call, they will fall like the rest. The air is tense as they stand their ground in what may be their final act of servitude to the King.

When the gate finally open, players will be free to explore the vast expanse of the Frozen Wastes (with heavy opposition, of course) after defeating all four bosses in Harvest Fields. It is strongly advised that you do not attempt to run the quests alone! The quests have been designed around teamwork, even the regular mobs. You will find that with some tier 3 classes, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to grind alone. It is also strongly advised that you advance your class to a tier 3 class (Level 30) before entering the Frozen Wastes.

☩ Collections Update ☩

In addition to the NINE new collections being added alongside Frozen Wastes, several current collections will be updated to include Spirit. Spirit, the attribute that increases the effect of buffs and makes healing stronger, plays a role in several Tier 3 Classes. This update will help keep Lowtown and Harvest Fields collections viable for many Tier 3 Players. In addition to these changes, all future "Bonus Collections" will be permanent. This change was reflected a few months ago when the Marsh and Shiny Marsh Collections became Permanent.

☩ Mythic Tier ☩

A new tier of items has been added to the game, Mythic Tier! This tier is significantly stronger than any Angelic, and will be a great addition to any true adventurer's arsenal for the assault on the evils of the Frozen Wastes. Mythic Items will be exclusively available to those with the rank of Emperor/Empress, and will be for sale in the Tier Market. In order to combat the rapid deflation of Mythic Tier items, they will not be added to boss chests nor loot crates. This could change in the future.

☩ Forgotten Isles Changes ☩

With the addition of Tier 3, the bosses of the Forgotten Isles will be buffed to better match the new competition. This has always been our intention, since the bosses are all over Level 30. To everyone who was able to defeat all three bosses with Tier 2 classes, congrats! Your skills are making the Frost Queen tremble in her boots.

☩ Quest Points ☩

As of today, Quest Points have been removed from all Lowtown and Harvest Fields quest requirements. Neo and I have been planning on doing this for a very long time, mostly since the concept of Quest Points confuses many players (especially when having to speak to the Gatekeeper to enter Harvest Fields). Quests, including repeatables, will no longer give Quest Points as rewards. We have also disabled the /quests top command. If you are still interested in Quest Points, you can check yours using /qp.

☩ New Veterans ☩

While adding new veterans is usually saved for a map reset, we have decided we would use this release to recognize some of our most dedicated and active players who have waited an extremely long time for the release of Tier 3 and the Frozen Wastes! It is my pleasure to announce the following new Veterans of Medieval Lords:
  • Bassist
  • JR5A
  • Sinclaire (finally)
  • enderhusky
  • kermickjagger
  • pesky13
  • aussieboy28
  • Snowflakes33343
If you see these players online, be sure to congratulate them! We applaud their dedication to Medieval Lords as well as the community.

We are very excited to deliver this new content to you all on September 14th. A lot of hard work from the entire Staff Team has gone into the Frozen Wastes, not including the gallons of blood, sweat, and tears that Neo put into Tier 3.

As best said by the mysterious Flynnftw, Good Luck and Happy Hunting!