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Denied Punishment Appeal

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Banned users
Reason for punishment: Advertising
Are you guys that scared of- server? It's your fault if we get someone to like- server more than yours..
You also banned me for asking a player to join a server in discord messages
NOT PART OF THE SERVER!! therefore no advertising. so basically this isn't fair I should get banned....
Plus you ban me from the website because I advertised?? can't appeal again if u ban me DUH.
And you banned all staff on- server... Like really? are u kidding me??? it wasn't advertising in the first place and you are banning players that took no part in messaging. wtf is wrong with you guys.. I also want proof of the messages.

Truly Yours, Vadokim
Posted Sep 18, 18 · OP · Last edited Sep 18, 18
Matt5067 AOwner
You knew damn well that you would be punished for messaging multiple players the IP of another server. If you want to play dumb, be my guest.

Now that I know you cannot read, ill point out that the rules say advertising over discord is not allowed. You made the choice, so you will face the consequences. I don’t owe you shit.

You can continue coming back here to be a little troll if you want, it’s very flattering that you care about us that much. I quite enjoy banning people.

Just to make it clear, the more I hear about this server, the more I punish people. If you want to get people banned from Medieval Lords so you can become the server of MLMC rejects (LOL, Yavi) then that’s on you.

Co-Owner of Medieval Lords

"They misunderestimated me." - President George W. Bush


Posted Sep 18, 18
Neoblade298 AOwner
Ah jeez...

Sorry vado, I thought you were bigger than this. You have proven me wrong. Do take care.
Owner of MLMC
Posted Sep 18, 18