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Denied unban pls I didn' do shiz

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k so like what the f r i c k
Went on yesterday, go give out my stuff before I leave for good. Like the r e s p e c t a b l e human being I am. Yanno share the wealth and all that. Some gansta starts dissing my fly girl (my girl is my sword I was giving away) asking me why I was just throwing away legendary items for free. So I only had one option - gotta give him on of t h e s e. One of these being a respectable reason on why I'm leaving, That being I no longer wish to play here and am probably being banned for staffing another server. Like how dare I play on another server and *not* give all my hard earned money to NeoBoi447 for sweet sweet tier 4 teasers (which I'll probably retire before it comes out knowing your development cycle) So yeah I tell him not to bother I'm not here to ask for players, we got plenty as it is. But he i n s i s t s. So as to not directly send the ip in Mc I send it via discord. He joins plays for a bit and that's about that. Next thing you know I'm banned. like what
I'm actually shaking right now, I can't believe I would have been betrayed like this.To think ya'll love your professionalism sooooo much that you'd ban someone for "advertising" even though I didn't do it on your server lol. Sad!
Such is life amirite. I mean I would have been banned just for being staff anyway, *cough* Sirta. So yeah. I'mma just leave this here by saying that you're in the wrong lol. So scared of a start up server.

couple of questions 1. what is corruption (you should know lol)
2. will more people get banned if they simply play on this other server (u kno the one)

btw ur pp smol (yes this ad hominem, neo I know you love using that argument against me so here, relish in the fact I did)

btw btw I still dind't forget you didn't tp me to my own town because that'd be aboose. Even though you let women break the rules all the time cause you're a white knight. Enjoy the hundreds of dollars of donations you pocket. since i take it you don't actually use it on the server *cough* two years of development for a couple bosses and a quest chain *cough*#

peace chigga

btw btw btw I know you're gonna deny this for improper format but im just making a point, a point you'll reinforce by denying this solely on improper format. also this snow effect is gey af

I'm attributing this last part of the post in remembrance of all the players you banned for associating with another server

and many more

also pls join my new server [redacted] i have free cookies
Posted Sep 19, 18 · OP
Neoblade298 AOwner
so much hate in such a small body
Owner of MLMC
Posted Sep 19, 18