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Approved Punishment Appeal - Bene3190

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Player IGN: Bene3190

Reason for punishment: X-ray

Why should you be pardoned?:

Dear, Server Owner

I admit to the fact that I used x-ray. It was honestly stupid of me and I have no excuses to justify my mistake. I want you to know that i'm so very sorry about doing this. It will never happen again, I thought if I used x-ray no one would notice and I would be so slick. It was an honest stupid mistake that I did, i'm very very sorry. I truly love this server and I enjoy playing so very much. Please give me another chance to prove myself better.

Thank you for using your time to read my appeal.
Posted Nov 6, 18 · OP
Matt5067 AOwner
You have been unbanned. Please remember if you are caught x-raying again, you will not be unbanned.
Co-Owner of Medieval Lords

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Posted Nov 8, 18