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Denied i got banned for something i was not using

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hello i just joined the server today and i loved the server but some staff member just banned for no reason.so i just came back from eating and i just see a staff member saying ur getting banned for something wrong. when i was reading this i was very confused because i just came back from eating and than the next thing u know she just banns me. Like what?? i was not using xray and i would never use it i not those people who use haxs. this was a false ban
Posted Nov 10, 18 · OP
Neoblade298 AOwner
Lying to staff is against the rules and will reflect poorly on your ban appeal. Rest assured, we do not ban for x-ray unless we are certain, and your case was one of the most obvious that have ever been dealt with. Believe me. I went and checked your tunnels myself just to make sure.

Appeal denied. If you want to swallow your pride and actually admit to your mistake, use this format next time:
Owner of MLMC
Posted Nov 10, 18