I forgot the format and I already this thread and I don't care enough to go find the format so I will simply type my appeal.

On this day, the 11th of March, 2018, Neoblade298 banned me from the Medieval Lords of Minecraft server. This is because I sent him seductive messages, involving a little mage arriving shortly, if you catch my drift. Presumably fearing his own arousal by these messages, Neoblade298 banned me. I understand fearing what you dont understand in yourself, but banning innocent players is wrong. If I could be unbanned I would help Neoblade298 get over his fear of his burgeoning sexuality and work towards living peacefully.

Thank you for reading my thread, pasted in the bottom you will find the answers to my most recent econ homework.

Have a nice day.

a. The second classical assumption (in this book) states that the error term has a zero mean. This assumption also states that the constant term absorbs the “fixed error” from the mean, thus meaning the estimation of this constant term is not as important to analyze.
b. The sixth assumption states that no two independent variables should be perfectly collinear, and would thusly be violated by adding this variable.
c. The coefficient of R in this model would show that with a 1 point increase on daily index capital gain the previous day, DJ would increase by 0.10. The coefficient for M would mean that if the current day were Monday, the DJ would drop .017.
d. C is a form of dummy variable, with a negative feature. He made the assumption that any difference in cloud coverage excluding the change at 20 and that at 100, meaning many different coverage levels are considered the same. This variable is constrained in that it accounts for both the level of sun and the level of cloud coverage, and is unable to be partially divided.
e. I would disagree, as firstly, the coefficients in the model are not large enough to have any actual explanatory power in the change of the DJ. Secondly, the constraint on the variables would also have some effect on the significance of the model.

a. The equation is linear and has an additive error term. There is a chance there is an omitted variable or that it has an incorrect functional form.
b. There is a constant term in the equation.
c. There is a chance that there is an omitted variable or that it is part of a simultaneous system.
d. No, there are no time-series related variables in the model.
e. Yes, the model is estimated with cross-sectional data.
f. No, there are no perfectly collinear variables.
g. It would be better to hire the dancer, as the variance is lower so it is more likely to have a higher value than the promoter.

a. DIVSEP means that if a person is divorced or separated, they will be expected to drink 2.85 more drinks. UNEMP means that if a person is unemployed, they would be expected to drink 14.20 more drinks. Both of the signs of the coefficients make sense, although the coefficient for UNEMP may be high.
b. ADVICE’s coefficient means that if a person gets advice they will be expected to drink 11.36. This equation would violate the third classical assumption in that ADVICE would likely only be 1 if the individual is already drinking too much.
c. As these are only the means of samples, it is expected that they would differ. This would be called a sampling distribution.