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Denied Punishment Appeal - OurKingDomino

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Player IGN:

Reason for punishment:
Fly Hacks

Why should you be pardoned?:
I did not realize that my client was hacked until I started asking about it when I noticed I could fly. Initially, I was under the impression that this was possible in a town; however, I was sorely mistaken. After further research, I realized what had happened. Earlier in the day I had to reinstall Minecraft because of a bug, and when I downloaded it, I wasn't paying attention and downloaded it from an unofficial website. I have since reinstalled the proper Minecraft from minecraft.net, and I have verified that I can't fly in survival mode anymore. Shanachan can verify that I did not know I was hacking.
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Posted Nov 23, 18 · OP · Last edited Nov 23, 18
Matt5067 AOwner
This will be reviewed at the next staff meeting.
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Posted Nov 27, 18
Neoblade298 AOwnerO
Neoblade298 @ Medieval Lords
Bro, you can't fly hack on accident... Denied (if you're still here that is). Just fess up that you made a mistake and move on.
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Posted Dec 4, 18