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Denied Ban appeal

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IGN: Yavi

Reason for punishment: Cussing at staff

Why I should be pardoned:

I've been gone for at least eight months now I think. I feel I couldn't learn anymore from this lesson than I already have. I paid back what I owed and neo said I only had the disrespect to appeal once I did so. So again; I'm sorry for calling ud an asshole. Thank you for your time.

Posted Dec 9, 18 · OP
Neoblade298 AOwner
Appeal denied. You may try again in 1 month.

I was wrong about only having to appeal the disrespect, sorry about that. Technically you also have to appeal the issue with ban evading as well as the issue of taking that $1000 (even though you did repay it, you still did take it at first).
Owner of MLMC
Posted Dec 15, 18