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Denied ban appeal for x_drax_x (need to change name we all know that)

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well i was banned because i was ''disrespecting the staff'' and i sorta agree with that. but kinda not too, let me explain why. well i was begin unmature with the rename system as neo got mad about it. then i stopped doing that. i was asking how long the ban would take if he would have banned me now. he said perma then everything was fine until. panzarpung said he cannot rename his bow and i typed *banned*. and bam there it ended i got banned same second i pressed enter. well i was behaving kinda stupid but a mute would just do fine in my opinion. well i guess i messed up pretty badly and didnt take it serious. if its a excuse you want i guess you can get one… sorry... next time i will be more mature with the laguage. and take things more seriously.
//Ellen or drax
Posted Dec 14, 18 · OP · Last edited Dec 15, 18
Neoblade298 AOwner
First of all, this doesn't follow the ban appeal format. As such it is automatically denied. Second of all, saying "I don't think I deserved to be banned" doesn't help your appeal. Third, yes, you were acting pretty stupid. Laughing about a warning from staff does not get you anywhere, it just lets me know that you will be immature about the situation, and you were.

Appeal denied.
Owner of MLMC
Posted Dec 14, 18