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Approved Ban Appeal for Israphel.

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Player IGN:

Reason for punishment:
Using and Xray Mod.

Why should you be pardoned?:
I apologise for what I did and I hope that I will be considered to be unbanned as I do own up for Xraying, I understand that it is a pointless way to cheat when there are plenty of other ways (shops, trading or strip mining) to get diamonds easy. I have removed the mod and will not be downloading it again as I want to be unbanned so I can explore more of this great server! (I also understand that if I do get unbanned I am more than happy to start from scratch so all of my items are removed!)
I very much did enjoy playing the server for what little time I played.
Even if I do not get accepted I would like to say your staff member Violet is great and I would like you to know that this servers Dungeon system is amazing the best I have ever played!
- Israphel
Posted Dec 15, 18 · OP
Neoblade298 AOwner
Your ban has been reduced to 2 days. Don't x-ray again or you will never get a second chance.
Owner of MLMC
Posted Dec 15, 18