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Denied Appeal for noahrules8

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Player IGN: noahrules8

Reason for punishment: Using a macro while afk

Why should you be pardoned?: I thought what I was doing was allowed. The first time I did something similar I got a warning, so I asked if I could macro in a different way and was told I could. But the rules don't say anything about this so I could be mistaken. I hope you will unban me and if you do I will not use any macro at all.
Posted Jan 8, 19 · OP
Neoblade298 AOwner
We have a very specific rule that pertains exactly to what you did wrong:

"Macros that do not exceed 15 clicks per second, do require continuous interaction/input from you, and are not used while AFK/not watching your screen."

Your macro obviously was used while AFK. Writing a ban appeal telling me the rules don't say anything about it tells me you have not yet learned to properly read the rules. I don't know who told you you could use this macro, but the rules are bedrock. Even I backtrack on rulings if someone specifically shows me something is allowed according to the rules. Rely on the rules over hearsay. You may appeal again, but this appeal is denied.
Owner of MLMC
Posted Jan 9, 19