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Denied 2nd Appeal for noahrules8

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Player IGN: noahrules8

Reason for punishment: Using a macro while afk

Why should you be pardoned?: First I want to say I didn't know the macro rule changed, the last time I looked at the rules it was for crafting macros. That's why I thought mine was ok. Second is my macro wasn't an afk macro, I have to press a button for a command each time I used it. I can show you it if that helps. And lastly I will say again I didn't mean to break any rules and I won't use any macros at all if I am unbanned.
Posted Jan 10, 19 · OP
Neoblade298 AOwner
I called to you multiple times over the course of 2 minutes while you were selling cacti. I also pushed you multiple times and got your macro messed up. I also realized you had done this multiple times. There's no way this isn't an afk macro. Appeal denied, you can try again, but I'm getting sick of you saying "Sorry, but also I didn't really break the rules".
Owner of MLMC
Posted Jan 14, 19