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Pending Player Report - Pangaroo7

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MaGiiCz_Thorin Dia-lifeVet
Offending Player's Name: Pangaroo7

Date/Time of Offence: Around 3:00PM - 4:05PM CET (been going on since many hours from what i've been told)

Rule Broken: #2 Don't spam in global chat. Spamming messages and teleport requests is not allowed. Spamming empty shops is not allowed.

How Rule Was Broken: This guy has been logging off and autoreconnecting for hours now. It's getting really annoying to most players online, I hope you can do something about this kind of log spamming.

Evidence: (YOU MUST HAVE EVIDENCE! This can consist of photo/video/audio files)
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Posted Jan 27, 19 · OP
Mackelsaur DevO
I have taken care of the issue temporarily with a tempban. I'll refresh the tempban if it continues but if Pangaroo comes back today and finds themselves tempbanned they will be unbanned as soon as they contact staff. Hopefully this is resolved.
Posted Jan 27, 19
Pangaroo7 Dia-life
O gosh, sry about this! I use 5zig w/ autoreconnect, but I didn't realize this happened. I was really laggy when this happened, but it won't happen again if I can help it! Sorry!

EDIT: I disabled the function now too. Won't happend again!
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Posted Jan 31, 19 · Last edited Jan 31, 19