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Approved Punishment Appeal - ThePanda_14(Pope Panda)

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ThePanda_14 Dia-life
Player IGN: ThePanda_14(I go by Pope Panda on Discord)

Reason for Punishment:Blatant Admin Disrespect

Why should you be pardoned:

On Saturday night, I got out of line. I said some things that shouldn't have been said to QueenMona and Shanachan. I got heated, and I cussed. I didn't treat them like someone should be treated with fairness, equality, and how someone would want to be treated. Instead, I didn't and I blatantly disrespected them. That shouldn't have happened. I am angry at myself for letting it occur, and I am also sad. I am sad because I put my friends through that and that shouldn't have occurred. I'm better then this, and now I showed you all that I wasn't better then this.

That night, I was banned for a chance to appeal in one week's time. And I'm going to use this one shot of mine to truly express my condolences, my apologies, and also how I will improve to regain the honor that I have lost on here, and to repair my reputation. It will be a challenge, and many of you have every right to be angry at me for being disrespectful and pissy at me for being that way to Mona. I welcome it, because it will make me improve myself, and make me strive to get my worth back even more.

I am sorry Mona for being the way that I was. I spoke out of line, and I should have voiced my opinion in a better, more respectful way. I am sorry Shanachan for being the way that I was as well. You were a bystander, and I brought you in because you wanted to better know my stance and I repaid that by being pissy, angry, and many other choice words that I would say but would rather not put on here. You didn't deserve that and I am sorry. I am sorry to the administration team. I was disrespectful to you all by being this way to Shana and Mona. This will not happen again. I am also, sorry to you Neo. I have so much respect for you, and I appreciate every sweat drop, blood, and code you put into this server and I basically spat in your face by being this way. I can only hope that if I return, I can regain your respect.

I messed up, big time. I messed with a lot of friendships and screwed up a lot of things. I can't show that I'm sorry in a single day, you can't just put a band aid on a scar. Scar's last, and scar's stay. But the thing is, Scar's can fade. They'll still be there to remember something by, but a Scar doesn't have to be the defining trait of anyone. I wish to show that I'm sorry. I wish to show that I'm above this. I wish to show that I am not just some asshole. I wish to show that I'm better then that, that I can improve and atone for what I did. I wish to /show/ that I'm sorry.

If I am given this chance, I will not squandor it, I will not abuse it. I will use it to play with you all, to have fun, to make memories, to take down the enemies of Argyll, to play with my brothers and sisters in Valhalla. But if this doesn't get appealed, then I understand. I messed up, and I will pay for it.

I am sorry.
Posted Feb 3, 19 · OP · Last edited Feb 3, 19
Neoblade298 AOwner
I'll get this out of the way first, your appeal is approved. You can rest easy. However:

I am certain Mona has long since forgiven you. I know it feels a lot like I'm getting angry in place of Mona, but the simple fact of the matter is that I treat any disrespect towards any staff as disrespect towards me directly. There are many situations where junior staff were almost forced to retire simply because they were not treated on par with regular staff. A junior staff may not have all their perms, but they deserve as much respect as a regular staff.

If you would not feel comfortable saying something to me, then you'd do well not to say it to any other staff member. These guys are here without pay to lend you your free time, and as such I have zero tolerance for any form of staff disrespect whatsoever. Even though I know your intentions were not necessarily to simply talk down to her, the sentiment remains the same.

That said I'm certain you know the mistake you made, so I will leave it at this. Welcome back.
Owner of MLMC
Posted Feb 3, 19 · Last edited Feb 4, 19