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A Riddle For The Ages...

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Pangaroo7 Dia-life
Level 1
This has been in the works for a while now! A scavenger hunt! You need to follow the riddle below to find all the clues, then input those clues at the end to face the final test. spoopy stuff
Spoiler: Part of the PrizeShow

You are allowed to help other players, but why would you? Only one winner takes the prize!

Note: There may be issues with inputting the clues, mail me if you have that issue.

EDIT: Sinclaire has won! Congrats to Sin, and thanks to everyone who participated! I may do one in the future too, although it would be much harder because of how people tore this one apart. :lol:
The signs are being taken down, so you don't need to waste your time looking for the clues. Thank you again!

Here is the riddle, and good luck!

Begin where the seed first was planted,
the grand seed where life was granted.
Turn around, then begin to strive,
for a place where animals might be alive.
Enter the building, then begin to spy,
for a place you can get up high.
Here you will find your very first clue,
but that’s just one step for you to do.

Now you head to the second spot,
A booming town that takes the top.
From that spot, head to the west.
Look for the building a scholar might find best.
Once inside, you will pass through
to where you’ll find your second clue.

For the next clue, take to the seas
in this seaside town, with a pretty nice breeze.
Look for the tower, a beacon of light,
for all the ships passing in the night.

For clue number four, I hope you’re a keen observer,
For the clue is the number of the month I joined the server.

And alas, the final clue!
Whatever will I make you do?
If you have found all so far
I’m willing to bet it was pretty hard.
But now, to finally show the path
You first must do some basic math.
Take all of the clues, subtract to get thirteen.
Now you have the clues, as you have seen.

But you’re not yet done, so let out a groan!
You still must go back to Grandstone.
Once you arrive, head to the west
There you will face the final test.
Head deep underground, but beware the traps!
They will keep anyone they can grasp.
Once you reach the bottom, you will finally behold
That you can at last enter the code.
Once the door reveals what it shows
You will see the quest start to close.
Should I do another riddle/scavenger hunt? Yes
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Two things to know:
1. I have a cat.
2. I like Minecraft
3. I'm bad at keeping count.
Posted Mar 3, 19 · OP · Last edited Mar 4, 19
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SaveHarambe2k16 Dia-life
Level 2
sounds like I just have to go to the grindstone part and guess the code first
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Posted Mar 4, 19
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