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Approved Punishment Appeal - Yuumicchi

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Player IGN: Yuumicchi

Reason for punishment: Breaking the rules, xray

Why should you be pardoned?: First im sorry if i dont put commas or these " ' " in the right place. So i was banned for xray with my friend Zeberhead, He isnt hacking but i'm. But after we mined like 74 diamonds we stoped and decided to go to the quest world, after we played and we both got off for the night, and today when i came back from school i decied to play and a staff msged me and i understood and accepted my ban, so rn im appyling becous i saw how good this server is and i rly want to play on it again its rly good and rpg system is rly fun, i played on another server it was fun to but it was hard for none p2w player it was like 500% exp boost for the lowest rank it was rly unfiar.
So please unban me becouse the server is great and i would be stoopid to miss such an opturity to play on it again.
my kindest regards - Yuumicchi
Posted Mar 11, 19 · OP
Neoblade298 AOwner
Your ban has been reduced to 2 days. If you are EVER caught x-raying again, you will never be unbanned, take this as your only warning.
Owner of MLMC
Posted Mar 13, 19