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Approved Punishment Appeal - deadrory

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Player IGN: When I played on the server, I think it was deadrory ---- I then changed it to NekoNebula_ and recently to Treesus_ , and soon Ill be changing it back to deadrory.

Reason for punishment:I was banned what must have been at least two years ago. I got on with a friend as we were looking for a server of this type and it seemed perfect... but I was stupid and used xray to gain an early advantage. I then proceeded to lie about it when confronted by a moderator.

Why should you be pardoned?: It's been a few years and I have grown to appreciate Minecraft as a game much more. I love the communities that are forged on servers and a genuinely love playing survival for what it is. I sincerely apologize for my xray usage, and I guarantee I won't use any more of it. I don't even have it installed. Please give me another chance on your server. I've matured as I am now soon to be a college student in fall, and I'm ready to show my maturity and by playing fair and contributing to this server's community. Again, I am sorry. Thank you.
Posted Mar 12, 19 · OP
Neoblade298 AOwner
Your appeal is approved, but the server is having trouble unbanning you. It may be that you were banned long enough ago that bans were wiped. If you cannot log back on, send me a message on the website with a timestamp of when you tried logging on and I'll get you sorted.

Also, this should be obvious, but if you are caught x-raying again, you will not be coming back.
Owner of MLMC
Posted Mar 13, 19