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Approved Punishment Appeal - xPolat_izex

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Player IGN: xPolat_izex
(At the time of the ban, currently is ItzNotPolar)

Reason for punishment: Staff Disrespect / Advertising

Why should you be pardoned?:
Note: In regards to the Reason for Punishment, due to the time between the ban and this appeal, I dont remember the exact reasoning for the ban, so I decided to appeal both to be safe.

For whichever of the reasonings for the ban, or both if that was the case, I'd like to apologize. I understand that I cannot advertise and I am truly sorry for the disrespect.
This appeal is quite late, I do understand so I do not know if it will work out. however, I would like to try anyway to join this server once more. However this unfolds, I'd like to say thanks for reading my appeal.
Posted Mar 13, 19 · OP
Neoblade298 AOwner
You have been unbanned, but upon looking back into your records I can see that you had issues with disrespect of staff back then. I will hope that you have grown in the 2+ years you have been gone, but in case you haven't I will note: If I see any disrespect towards staff, you will be re-banned. We take staff disrespect very seriously here, and though I can see you regret your actions, only time will tell if you are true to your word.
Owner of MLMC
Posted Mar 13, 19